Las novias mediterráneas llevan alpargatas

Mediterranean brides wear espadrilles

by Gemma Serra

The season of love always returns!

Celebrations, weddings on the Mediterranean coast, summer-style parties on the beach and romantic encounters in charming farmhouses lost in the middle of the Empordà will arrive again.

Impossible tor us to give you the exact number of celebrations, parties or meetings, but from Ball Pagès we are sure that these are intense moments, with family and friends, sharing good wine, long and intimate conversations, and dances, many dances.

It is possible that you are currently preparing that unrepeatable day, perhaps you already have in your head your dress, some of the details for the guests, the menu and the Spotify list that you are feeding little by little ... but ...

what about your shoes?

Every day more brides share with us their wedding experiences with a pair of Ball Pagès on their feet. White, natural, in the same tone as the dress or in bright colors to add a touch of grace to the outfit, Ball Pagès espadrilles are the perfect complement for that unique day.

Comfortable and elegant, espadrilles Ball Pagès bring freshness and modernity in equal measure.

If you are fully in the preparations for such a special day, keep in mind that Mediterranean brides are currently wearing espadrilles.