ball pagès

We believe in...

...bringing back old traditions,
he strength of colour,
blink to see more clearly,
the spaces in between,
everyday things, simplicity,
free souls and unexpected laughter…

...all these things move us.

Back in the spring of 2013, in the heart of Ibiza, we learnt the ancestral “savoir faire”, of the craftswomen who wove the typical slippers of the island.We wanted to take the footwear, once used by peasants, now worn only by the traditional folk dancers of Ibiza who danced the ball pagès or folk dance, and transport it to our modern world.We took the traditional codes and modernized both the soul and the design of the slipper, extending to incorporate the whole Mediterranean basin,where a love for all things simple, traditional and natural, reigns eternal.

We are always aware of the links between tradition and modernity, nature and architecture, craftsmanship and art, solidarity and commitment, all these concepts which are the cornerstone of Ball Pagès, elements we use to ensure they are around for a long time. We are betting on a timeless style, with clear values.With the aim of perpetuating this tradition, we are constantly training new craftsmen, sharing our “savoir-faire” with them, our evolution and the new techniques we have learned over the years, so we can continue to offer our treasures to the world. 

Our sandals are unique, sustainable, exclusive, solidary, handmade and faithful to tradition.

Gemma (Barcelona, summer of 77)_trained as an architect, creative and inquisitive, a passionate committed soul. Proposes a reinterpretation of footwear, which has been with her for years, alongside her personal and professional day to day.

Marissa (Barcelona, spring of 55)_ An inquisitive and solidary mind, an emotional intelligence which is through the roof. She is responsible for the workshop and for the relationship with the craftswomen, along with attending to their training.

Salva (Girona, summer of 50)_ trained as an engineer, a thoughtful and serene man, empathic and silent. Provides his knowledge of organisation and management systems.


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