Las mejores alpargatas para tus invitadas

The best espadrilles for your guests

by BizMarketing

Are you planning that special day where you want everything to be perfect? In a wedding it is necessary to take into account many aspects, but one of the most important is to take care of each and every detail, and your guests have a lot to say.

A wedding on the beachfront, in an idyllic place in the country or turned into a dinner with the most intimate are the perfect occasion to finish those looks, chosen in detail, with Ball Pagès espadrilles.

The best espadrilles for your guests - Ball Pagès

When you wear a look with special shoes that adapt to your feet it shows. With the versatility that characterizes them, they are the perfect footwear for these events where what we are looking for is comfort and elegance in equal measure.

We put you in the situation: imagine your matching dress with some Ball Pagès Home in natural color, or some Basic that are shown when walking, when dancing, when sitting down. Your guests, ready to dance until the sun rises, with the same Ball Pagès but in the colors of the season and matching their dresses. A perfect combination that will make you remember that special day as one of the most lived. Because living with Ball Pagès on your feet means being free, being aware, being chic and being the best version of you.

I do, with Ball Pagès

Made entirely by hand, with natural materials, counting on solidarity collaborations, taking into account the environmental impact, creating timeless collections as well as contemporary, with clear ideals, respecting tradition. This is how Ball Pagès are, as special as that day you imagine.

I do, with Ball Pagès

Check all the colors and models of this season, we are sure you will love them!