To make a pair of Ball Pagès footwear you need sensibility, love and patience. We are going to tell you step by step, how we do it:

01. Design // Our personal references come into play: the Mediterranean culture, travels and time lived in France and Italy, architecture and building systems, art, photography, design in general and the universe of influences we have grown up with, and which continues to grow. 

02. "Cordelli" // “Cordelli is a basic element in the manufacturing of our slippers, it is a cord made out of sisal which is handmade and quite thin.
This part of the production is done with the help of the Kakolum association (Senegal), giving women work in order to improve their social integration.

03. Preparation and Numbering // Each pair of Ball Pagès shoes is numbered and unique. It has a product card, which shows all the manufacturing data for that pair of shoes. 

04. Assembly // The assembly of our slippers is dependent on the model. Some are assembled directly on the jute sole; others are assembled between sole and insole. Both processes are done by hand.

05. Weaving // The final weaving or sewing of the slipper is done using leather cords or “cordelli”.

06. Painting // The painting of Ball Pagès is done by hand, once the shoe has been assembled and sewn up.

07. Shaped and Checked // Once the shoes are painted they are set on wooden lasts under tension, so that they can be shaped. After this, the shoes are checked for any sisal fibre ends, which might have been left on the shoe during the manufacturing process.

08. Packaging // Before the shoes are boxed, we attach the label that all Ball Pagès shoes carry, the product card is also checked, each box is numbered and the shoes are gently wrapped in tissue paper along with the corresponding jute or cotton bag.

Ready to go!