give back

Kakolum means the footprint one leaves when one walks on the earth in the Diola language. This name wishes to reflect the pillars of the NGO with which we work: to ensure that what we do leaves a sustainable footprint

The cordelli we use to make our shoes is made in Kakolum. It is a thin string,which is made by twisting different sisal fibres into one to obtain the necessary length.

Aside from the cooperation we have in the making of the “cordelli”, and in agreement with Kakoum aims, from Ball Pagès we have set up the “Give Back program. 

As a result, for every pair of Ball Pagès that you buy on our web, 1.00€ is reinvested in projects devoted to women’s collectives within the rural community of Karountine (Senegal), which is where the process of manufacture of your slippers begins.

These funds allow for the development of projects designed to empower women, sustainable agriculture, and food safety, among others. We at Ball Pagès will keep you informed regarding the management of the funds obtained and the evolution of the projects we fund. 

We believe in manufacturing processes which follow transparent trade concepts, and which give back.

You, the women of Kakolum and the planet will benefit.