The BALL PAGÈS brand was born in September of 2013.

This took place in the centre of the mediterranean islands, where Gemma was to learn the ancestral skills of the artisans who wove the typical espadrilles. These were originally worn by the local peasants but are now only used by the dancers of the traditional folk dances of the area, the “ball pagès”.

Gemma took on the traditional codes, going on to modernise the soul and the design of the espadrille, opening up their use to the MEDITERRANEAN UNIVERSE, where the love of all things simple, tradition and nature, reigns still.

A lovely story, of the meeting between tradition and modernity, which come together to create Ball Pagès: an sandal which is UNIQUE, EXCLUSIVE, HANDMADE AND 100% FAITHFUL TO TRADITION.

BALL PAGÈS reflects Gemma’s personal world, an inquisitive and creative mind, A SOUL FULL OF PASSION AND COMMITMENT which have taken her to recreate and in some way, share this footwear, which walks with her in her own daily life, both personally and professionally.

BALL PAGÈS has taken a simple element from the past and brought it up to a standard of timeless beauty. BALL PAGÈS espadrilles and sandals are made from 100% natural hemp and define both shape and concept, becoming part of the universe of the wearer. BALL PAGÈS steps in, taking a model of traditional footwear, and transforming it into a unique.